Adarna SF is undead undead undead…

Adarna SF had been on hiatus since April 2012. My apologies to the authors whose books I read but didn’t review (MeiLin Miranda, Isa KFT… sorry!).

Yes, this is Frida writing. I have changed my pseudonym from Frida Fantastic to Caroline Cryonic. This is because my real name is indeed Caroline, and it’s easier to bridge my real life self and online persona that way.

Back to the hiatus. What happened was that I got burnt out from book reviewing, had other life priorities, and just lost interest in general. I think I’m ready to get back into blogging, although things will be different. The focus will still be on speculative fiction, ebooks, and indies but I’ll mix it up with other kinds of content, primarily of the geeky persuasion. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m moving from Vancouver, Canada to live in Metro Manila, Philippines for one year. I’m really interested in promoting Philippine speculative fiction and meeting the local authors. There are plenty of publications available as ebooks, so expect to see me blog about them. Speaking of Metro Manila, does anybody know of a writing workshop or group that I could join?

Anyway, I will leave you now with the opening sequence to a 1983 vampire flick, The Hunger, just because.

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About Caroline Cryonic

Formerly known as Frida Fantastic. A speculative fiction book blogger from Vancouver, Canada currently living in Quezon City, Philippines.

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