The Basics

About Adarna SF
Adarna SF is a book + geeky stuff blog run by speculative fiction enthusiast Caroline Cryonic (formerly known as Frida Fantastic).

This used to be a group blog that had somewhat regular reviews, now… not so much.


We receive ebooks for free in exchange for an honest review. Reviewers receive no financial compensation other than a small percentage from Amazon and Smashwords affiliate links. Clicking on those links will help feed our book buying habits.

Contact Us
Are you an author or a publicist? Read the book submission page first.
General Inquiries? Email Caroline: adarnasf[at]gmail.com
Twitter: Caroline Cryonic
Goodreads Discussion Group: Adarna SF


What is speculative fiction?

An umbrella term to describe speculative/fantastic/fantastika genres like science fiction, fantasy, horror and so on. Read the wikipedia definition here.

What is considered to be indie?
For the purposes of this blog, indie refers to any book that’s not published by one of the big six legacy publishers or their imprints. Indie mostly refers to self-published and small-press books, but we will review books by bigger independent publishers too.

Why review indie speculative fiction?

We like good books no matter what business model the authors chose. We review all books on the same scale regardless of it being self-published/small-press published or published with one of the big six NY houses. Adarna SF focuses on indie ebooks because there are more of them being published everyday, and there is a need for honest and useful reviews about these books.

Where can I find indie speculative fiction?

Read the guide here.

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