Book Bloggers who review Indie-published Speculative Fiction

Indie SF Reviewers
A list of speculative fiction blogs that review indie books. Frida maintains this list, so feel free to let her know if you find more.

SFBook Reviews
Antony is a reviewing monster of both legacy-published and indie-published SF/F. He writes great reviews that are informative and straight to the point.

Sift Book Reviews
The biggest indie SF/F review blog around. It’s run by Sarah and they have eight different reviewers. Their blog is worth a look because they really review a lot of indie SF/F.

Android Dreamer
Matt is an awesome guy, so awesome that he used to be a reviewer for Adarna SF. He has high standards and writes non-nonsense reviews. He reviews indie SF/F and some legacy-published books.

Science Fiction Addiction
Derek writes honest and clear indie SF/F reviews with a novel “tribbles” rating system. He’s a nice guy and he really likes his sci-fi.

The Scattering
Isabela has been reviewing indie SF/F since 2009 and writes insightful and witty reviews.


Other Speculative Fiction Sites

SF Signal
A speculative fiction group blog. They have a great podcast too.
Thomas M. Wagner’s SF/F review site. He writes great in-depth reviews. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really review indie books. If you’re an indie writer and try to submit a book to him, you’ll just get redirected to this blog :)

Bibliophile Stalker
Charles Tan’s speculative fiction blog with great resources to Filipino Speculative Fiction.

Grasping for the Wind – SF Review Blogs List
It’s a huge list!


Great Blogs in Indie Book Blogging/E-publishing

Latest Indie Reviews from Around the Web
Okay, not a blog, but a page off the Simon Royle website. A lot of our indie book blogger comrades actively post links to their reviews from that page. An indie review RSS feed on a static page, if you will.

Grace Krispy is one of the most prolific indie book reviewers around. She reads in a wide number of topics, also reads and reviews a lot of SF/F. Great book reviewer!

Big Al’s Books and Pals
Reviews indie books in a wide variety of genres. This blog pretty much owes its existence to that blog, due to that being Frida’s first introduction to the indie book reviewing blogosphere

E-book Endeavors
Lindsay Buroker is an indie fantasy writer with a great blog about e-publishing and marketing. It’s a must read if you’re an indie author.


Blog Directories

Simon Royle’s Indie Book Reviewer List
The best indie book blog list out there, hands-down.

Filipino Book Bloggers
They’re really nice people and they have an active Facebook group. If you’re Filipino and you also have a book blog, definitely join in no matter which country you’re currently living in.

Indie Book Blog Database

Indie Book Reviewer

Book Blogger Directory


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