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Ebook Giveaway on January 24th at The Indie View

L. C. EvansMake sure to visit The Indie View on January 24. They’re hosting an ebook giveaway in tribute to L. C. Evans, an indie author, who succumbed to cancer this month.

L. C. Evans is a chick lit/romantic comedy author, but for every book you purchase of L. C. Evans, you can request a free ebook from a participating indie author. The list of ebooks included is still being drafted, but there’s a number of speculative fiction novels including Tag by Simon Royle and Coffin Dodgers by Gary Marshall. In addition to that, every purchase of an L. C. Evans book puts you in a draw to win all participating ebooks. There’s over twenty books that’ll be taking part–so that’s a lot of free books!

So how do you take part in the giveaway?

  • Purchase a book (or more) by L. C. Evans
  • Visit The Indie View on January 24. A special page will go online listing all of the participating ebooks
  • Email the Amazon Order Receipt of the L. C. Evans purchase to the author whose book you want (their email addresses will be provided on The Indie View). Remember to delete your billing details! Authors don’t need to know where you live, unless you want them to visit you
  • Then the indie author will send you the free ebook

Sounds pretty easy to me. I’d participate if I wasn’t already receiving free ebooks by the boatload. Make sure to visit The Indie View on the 24th, because that page will be taken down any second after the 24th (specifically, it’ll close at 11:59pm Western Samoa time). If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask me by commenting on here or sending a tweet to @FridaSF

Free Ebook for October: Stray by Andrea K. Host

Stray by Andrea K. HostGenre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Length: Novel – 102,000 words

Publication Year: 2011

Short Description: In this planet-hopping Girl’s Own Adventure, an Aussie teen must survive a world without technology, and then another with far too much. Rescue is only the beginning of her problems.

It’s free for the month of October!

Comment: We don’t usually feature young adult books on this blog, but what the heck. Stray is part one of a trilogy. Here’s more info on it from author herself in a recent interview with her:

[Touchstone is] a YA space adventure trilogy written in rambling diary form, in “Australian”, sprinkled with Australian slang terms, stuffed with about a million named characters, and happily ignoring established novel structures.

[It] toys with the question of how you decide on a career once you leave school – or perhaps is just about psychic space ninjas, scads of battles with monsters, rather too many hot guys, and the unfortunate matter of the universe tearing itself apart.

It seems to be getting a number of favourable reader reviews, although I’m not sure what the Australian vs. not-Australian reader breakdown is. Either way, it’s different and it’s free for this month!

Free Ebook: The Halloween Collection from the Indie Eclective

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal–it’s a Halloween-themed collection!

Length: Multi-Author Short Story Anthology at 38,000 words.

Publication Year: 2011

This free ebook caught my eye because one of the fantasy authors I’ve reviewed for this blog, M. Edward McNally, has a short story up there. His story, “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead”, is set in the Norothian Cycle high fantasy world. One review describes it as yakuza vs. demons. The other stories look pretty eclectic too.

I did a quick search on what the Indie Eclective is, and it appears to be a collective of nine indie authors who promote each other’s work. They write in various genres, but are more on the paranormal and fantasy side for spec-fic. They seem to share some of the promotion work, but don’t share the profits, so I wouldn’t call it a co-op. I haven’t seen that arrangement much, so that’s pretty cool.

Free Ebook: Short Stories from the God’s War universe by Kameron Hurley

Afterbirth by Kameron HurleyGenre: Science fiction/Fantasy (on a future colonized planet with magic. You decide.)

Length: Short Story – around 6000 words each

Publication Year: 2011

If you’re familiar with God’s War by Kameron Hurley (if you’re not familiar with it I suggest you get familiarized), you’ll be interested to hear that she has several short stories up for free on Smashwords. I haven’t read them yet, but they’re set in the same universe, and they should be nice to tide us over until the release of Infidel in a month or so.

Is it just me, or is it really cool that an author from Night Shade is Smashwords-savvy?

Free Ebook: Epic Fantasy – The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar III

The Black God's War by Moses Siregar IIIGenre: Epic Fantasy

Length: Novella – 27,000 words

Publication Year: 2010

Short Description: Her father-king wants war. Her messianic brother wants peace. The black god wants his due. She suffers all the consequences. King Vieri is losing his war against the lands of Pawelon. Feeling abandoned by his god, he forces his son Caio, the kingdom’s holy savior, to lead his army. Victory ought to come soon.

Comment: I admit that while reading the official description of the novella, my eyes glaze over and all I see is “epic fantasy means epic wars ‘n epic stuff”. But it’s hard not to get intrigued by this book when the cover is so damn good and a number of book bloggers that I trust gave very positive reviews. So while I haven’t read it yet, you might want to check it out.

This free novella was brought to my attention because of the blogger + twittersphere hype surrounding the recent release of the full standalone novel. Readers can try out the novella first, or go ahead with the novel. Grace Krispy over at the Motherlode Book Blog is having a giveaway of three ebook copies of the novel, and that giveaway is going on til August 20. So checking out Grace Krispy’s ebook giveaway is probably a good thing for you. If you don’t check it out, the chances of me winning the ebook just goes up higher =P

August 23 update: I just won the ebook giveaway. Told you that you should’ve joined :)

Free Ebooks: Horror Short Stories from Arkham Tales

Arkham TalesI really enjoyed reading the first issue of Arcane Magazine, and I found out on their blog that the editor, Nathan Shumate, also used to edit/publish another digital magazine called Arkham Tales. Apparently it’s in a similar style as Arcane with the emphasis on weird fiction that “aims to be more unsettling than gut-wrenching”. You can still download five issues for free on Nathan Shumate’s website. It’s in .pdf rather than in my preferred .mobi format, but it’s free and likely to be very awesome. Time to add more horror to my Calibre library.

Dark Valentine magazine ceases publication, back issues available for download

Dark-Valentine-Summer-2011-CoverI’m sad to learn this week that Dark Valentine magazine has ceased publication. They published short stories across many speculative genres that fall under the purview of dark fiction. I hope they will be active again in the future.

The editors have been generous enough to have their back issues available for download as .pdfs here.

Free Ebook: Ice Cracker II by Lindsay Buroker

Ice Cracker II by Lindsay BurokerLindsay Buroker, the author of Flash Gold (which I reviewed back in April), has a free short story up at Smashwords. It’s a fantasy adventure with mercenaries and guns, which means I’ve downloaded it and it’s now sitting in my Kindle.


She’s wanted for crimes against the throne. He’s the empire’s most notorious assassin. With bounties on their heads and soldiers hunting them, they’re not likely candidates for heroics. But when they unearth a plot against the military’s premier ice breaking ship, they may be the only ones who can thwart the saboteurs…if the soldiers don’t kill them first.

Get Ice Cracker II free at Smashwords!


Some housekeeping notes:

I’ve read the next three books on review line-up: The Karma Booth by Jeff Pearce, The Eternity Brigade by Stephen Goldin, and MeiLin Miranda’s Lovers and Beloveds. A science fiction/horror thriller, an (anti) military SF story, and a fantasy erotica. Talk about omnivorous SF! The reviews will be posted on schedule (on the 10th, 20th, and 30th), and I might even have time to review a fourth book for May.

If you haven’t checked out the Indie SF Reviewers list yet, I’ve added another review blog: Sift Book Reviews. They’re a group blog that reviews small-press/self-published science fiction and fantasy. Check them out!


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