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Free Ebook for October: Stray by Andrea K. Host

Stray by Andrea K. HostGenre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Length: Novel – 102,000 words

Publication Year: 2011

Short Description: In this planet-hopping Girl’s Own Adventure, an Aussie teen must survive a world without technology, and then another with far too much. Rescue is only the beginning of her problems.

It’s free for the month of October!

Comment: We don’t usually feature young adult books on this blog, but what the heck. Stray is part one of a trilogy. Here’s more info on it from author herself in a recent interview with her:

[Touchstone is] a YA space adventure trilogy written in rambling diary form, in “Australian”, sprinkled with Australian slang terms, stuffed with about a million named characters, and happily ignoring established novel structures.

[It] toys with the question of how you decide on a career once you leave school – or perhaps is just about psychic space ninjas, scads of battles with monsters, rather too many hot guys, and the unfortunate matter of the universe tearing itself apart.

It seems to be getting a number of favourable reader reviews, although I’m not sure what the Australian vs. not-Australian reader breakdown is. Either way, it’s different and it’s free for this month!


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