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I don’t do blog tours/interviews/etc. with authors I’ve never read. I also have been on a book reviewing hiatus since April 2012 but just might get back into it.

Can I submit my book to you for review?

Yes, if it’s speculative fiction as defined by wikipedia (science fiction, fantasy, etc.) and…

  • not published through one of the six traditional publishers or their imprints. Books from independent publishers of all sizes and self-published authors are equally welcome.
  • available as an ebook on Amazon or Smashwords. I only review the final published ebook copy, we don’t accept ARCs prior to publishing or hard copies of any kind. The ebooks out there (from both trads and indies) range in quality, and readers want to know how ebooks hold up with regards to both story and formatting.
  •  a review copy in .mobi, .azw or .epub is available
  • priced under $10
  • more than 15,000 words (but any format is good, including short story magazines/anthologies, and CYOAs)
  • not paranormal romance, not a children’s book
  • YA is only reviewed if it is enjoyable for an 18+ audience

Note on horror: Horror with sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural elements are welcome.

How do I submit a book for review?

Email your book submission to adarnasf[at] and I will consider it for review. Follow the guidelines in this section if you want me to read your email.

Include the following in your email:

(1) “Book Submission – [Title of Book]” on the email subject line.
(2) Send one email per book submission. No multiple submissions from the same author. Authors, if you don’t hear from me, wait 3 months before submitting another book.
(3) A link to the book’s Amazon Kindle or Smashwords page. Don’t link to the sample chapters on your personal site.
(4) Genre
(5) Word Count

We post all reviews to this blog, the Goodreads book page, and the Goodreads group shelf. Books that receive a rating of 3 stars and higher will also have reviews posted on the Amazon and Smashwords page for maximum exposure. Here is a guide to the rating system.

Additional Matters

How often do you review books?

It’s random. If I’m interested, I’ll email you back. If I haven’t contacted you in 3 months, move on.

My book received a bad review on your site and on Goodreads. Will you take it down?

No, reviews are final. Providing a reviewer a free copy of the book does not guarantee a positive review. The value we provide to writers is additional publicity, and the value we provide to readers is our judgment. We do our best to be honest, consistent, and informative. Even if the book didn’t work for individual reviewer, hopefully s/he was still informative enough to help get the attention of the target readers.

Readers are not expected to agree with reviewers at all times, so throwing a Jacqueline Howett is a very bad idea. There are better ways of leveraging any attention that the work receives.

Do you know of other bloggers who review indie SF?
Simon Royle’s Indie Book Reviewers List has a comprehensive list of book bloggers of all genres.

Last update: July 18, 2013


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